LK Raspberries is a family owned company founded in 2013 with 100 % private capital. LK Raspberry was established to leverage on over a decade of experience in the food trading industry through the presence of the sister company LITKOM Dooel that has been operating on the market since 2008. The experience in the high quality food industry, the vast potential of the excellent fruit and vegetable products the region as well the established partnership with experienced network of farmers makes LK Raspberrries a leader in the Polog region in raspberries production, sorting, packaging, freezing and trading.

The company represent the entire value chain. LK Raspberries is the only private company authorized and certified for production and sales of the top quality raspberry seeding material on the territory of Macedonia.

LK Raspberries is located in Polog Region of Republic of Macedonia. Polog is the most fertile valley located at the north west of Macedonia situated among three mountain massifs Shar Planina, Zeden and Suva Gora at the border of Albania and Kosovo. The region consists of nine municipalities and starches on a 2.479 square km. The region is the main agricultural area and with the highest SME commercial entities operating in this area. The Polog valley is plain at 400-500 meters altitude and rich is rivers and lakes, excellent continental climate and soil quality which makes it suitable for all types of agricultural crops. The average rainfall in the region is 800 mm. The vicinity to the boarder makes it easier for the commercial activities.


At the beginning of 2017 LK Raspberry has moved in a new modern freezing, sorting, packaging and storing facility. The current storage capacity of 250 tones is in the process of expanding as the interest in the production of not only raspberries but all kinds of berries and other fruits that are indigenous to this region is expending rapidly.


LK Raspberries mainly manages integrated method of Willamette variety raspberry production and a small portion of organic production. We are involved in the entire value chain having a backward integration with the wide network of the farmers from the region that have long history of fruits production. We are actively involved in helping the farmers to constant improvement of the raw materials and the production process.

The raspberries are manually harvested and manually selected and frozen in the optimal time to keep the flavor, taste, nutritive values and the natural shape of the product. The traceability and food quality and safety system is implemented in the entire process – from farm to shelf.

Our freezing capacity guarantees a high quality product that both keeps the best flavor and nutritive values of the products that also keeps the form and its natural condition. The short time between picking and freezing ensures a highest quality of the product.